Installing concrete is not as simple as it sounds. There is a great deal of preparation before a single drop of concrete is poured onto the site. Everything from the mix’s design, the amount of concrete to buy, the site preparation, the tools, the weather forecast, the laying process, the removal of the formwork, and the curing process must be considered beforehand. And what works for one site may not work for another.
Here we’ve compiled the top mistakes people make when installing concrete in hopes of helping you avoid some costly and frustrating headaches.
Not understanding how much concrete is needed for a project.
Concrete always has three dimensions, and one of the first mistakes people make when choosing concrete is underestimating how thick it should be for your project. Decorative or no-load concrete can be roughly shallow, but dimensions are crucial for floors, foundations, driveways, and loadbearing.
The exact thickness depends on how much weight the concrete will support. Driveways that handle heavy traffic from dumpsters or trailers should be thicker than driveways intended for a four-door sedan, for example.
Do not round order for concrete.
Concrete dries quickly, leaving no time for mistakes or adjustments once it has been poured. When ordering concrete, don’t try to be inexpensive or exact. Try to be cautious and ask for a little more concrete than you think you will need. If the measurements are a little out of place, the extra concrete will help. If the measurements were perfect, the conductor would take the extra concrete.

Thinking that all concrete is the same.

Concrete is much more than meets the eye. Depending on the purpose of the concrete, different mix designs may be required.

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